Wednesday, July 07, 2010

AT&T Rethinks Possible and Impacts Presidential History

I hate this AT&T commercial. It has nothing to do with the story or the product. My problem with the commercial is the first line, "Ladies and gentlemen...the 57th President of the United States."

The assumption is that the man and woman meet in the present day and their son becomes President sometime in the future. Now, let's take a look at American history, shall we?

Barack Obama is currently serving as the 44th American President. The commercial shows the inauguration of the 57th president, so if we go back 13 presidents before Obama, we have Herbert Hoover who started his term in 1929. That's a difference of 81 years. Granted, there was the 12 years FDR was in office, so let's go back 13 presidents before Hoover. That would be our 18th President, Ulysses S. Grant who started his term in 1869, or 60 years prior to Hoover.

Now, let's assume that the man and woman in the AT&T commercial are in their early 20s. I guess we also need to assume that they consumed the future president on the same day they met (possibly on the train!). If we go by the Grant-Hoover timeframe, the parents in the AT&T commercial would be in their early 80s during the inauguration. They don't quite look like they're in their early 80s, do they? Now, maybe they had plastic surgery, but I can't see AT&T promoting two individuals that need to get plastic surgery in the future. Perhaps, AT&T believes that there will several presidential deaths over the next few generations as well as many one-term presidents. If this happens, take a look at where AT&T puts its money. Look very carefully at campaign contributions.

Plus, shouldn't there be flying cars by the time the 57th President takes office? AT&T couldn't show one flying car or at least a Hoverboar at the inauguration?


Gilahi said...

Consumed? Consummated? My head's spinning at the imagery.

Hand of Godard said...


AT&T is taking into account future advances in medicine which will significantly slow the aging process... or they just didn't really think it through.

Ngewo said...

Maybe they are using the 24 time-line. Wasn't that show on their 8th president or something?

Sean said...

Gilahi & Hand of Godard - Perhaps I used the wrong word there.

Ngewo - I didn't exactly spell it out, but yes, if you see a lot of Presidents in a short amount of time, AT&T could be behind it. If you don't see this blog anymore, I'm sure that AT&T will be behind that too!

Anonymous said...

It's been discussed at length here:

math and all. I think the president's parents had life-lengthening surgeries so they look vital at 110 years old.

And they are dressed in current fashion because all those old farts in Washington always dress behind the times.

Anonymous said...

This is a VERY creepy commercial. Basically, a girl simply looks at a guy, and he takes it upon himself to change tickets, jump on the same train, and sit next to her. I know AT&T is trying to be sweet and tell a good story, but if that happened to the average person we'd be creeped out. There is nothing worse than persistent guys and stalkers, just because this guy is fairly attractive and clean cut we're supposed to overlook that? Creepy.