Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trivia Tuesday: Random Edition

It's time for a very random edition of Trivia Tuesday. Good luck!

1. Who won the 2006 World Cup?

2. Name the Pittsburgh Steelers' primary kick-off returner.

3. Name the song title and artist(s) based on this lyric: "Is that your ass or your momma half reindeer?"

4. For people who know DC, I'm going to Gallery Place/Chinatown to see Avenue Q. Where should I go for dinner before the show?

5. What is the best George Michael song? (There is a specific answer(s) to this question.)

6. Name the two countries that start with the letter A but don't end with the letter A.

7. Who was the host of Rock & Roll Jeopardy on VH1?

8. Name all five locations of Bravo's Real Housewives.

9. With eight medals, who is the most decorated American Winter Olympic athlete of all time?

10. What US university has the most billionaire alumni?

As always, please leae your answers in the comments section below and do not use the internet to find answers. Good luck!


Messiah said...

1. Italy
2. Tike Redman? Randle El?
4. Depending on what you like and how much you want to spend, I'd choose among: Matchbox (great pizza and mini-burgers, long lines, so go early); Rosa Mexicano (fun, Mexican, good guac); Rasika (amazing Indian/Indian-fusion, expensive); Poste (brasserie-like,); and, if you really want to live it up, Central (amazing food, expensive). Oh, and you can always do Oceanaire (seafood in a steakhouse-like atmosphere).

Caveat: I go out like twice a year, so there's many places I haven't been (Proof, Cafe Atlantico, Zengo, Oyamel, and who knows what's new down there)

Hand of Godard said...

1. Italy
4. Don't know DC
5. Careless Whisper
6. This frustrated the hell out of me, so I looked it up. I'm only disappointed that I didn't get one of them.
7. Never heard of the show
8. Huh?
9. Kristi Yamaguchi
10. Princeton

I'm pretty sure I only got one right.

Yinzer Girl said...

1. Italy
2. Stefan Logan
5. Careless Whisper
6. Azerbajn (I know I murdered the spelling) and Afghanistan
7. Jeff Probst
8. NYC, NJ, DC, Orange County, Atlanta
9. Apolo Ohno
10. Harvard