Friday, July 23, 2010

Pittsburgh Sports Jobs

In another attempt to use this blog for good instead of evil (I’m contemplating an evil post for next week), I thought I would share some job opportunities with some Pittsburgh area sports teams.

Inside Sales Representative – Pittsburgh Pirates

This sales position is entry level and focused on selling ticket plans and group tickets. Two words are all that you need to make a sale: Pedro Alvarez!

HD Radio Internship (Fall 2010) – Pittsburgh Penguins

This is an unpaid internship for a college junior or senior who will be responsible for helping to create the on-air production of a 24/7 Penguins Radio Station. Although it doesn’t say this on the job description, you will likely work with, or at least meet, Mike Lange. If you get this internship after learning about it from me, please get Lange to say “Buy Sean and drink and get his cat Ziggy one too.”

Sponsorship Account Executive – Washington Wild Things
This individual is responsible for generating leads and closing advertising and sponsorship agreements. I suggest getting some type of sponsorship involving Tone Loc, so that he can perform Wild Thing at every Wild Things game.

The Steelers also have some jobs on their website. Did you know that seat attendants are union positions? Now you know.

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