Monday, July 19, 2010

New Referrals

In looking through my archives, I realized that I haven’t done this in almost a year. For your reading pleasure, here are real searches, generally from Google or Yahoo, that real people used to find and visit Sean’s Ramblings:

Estelle Getty growth hormone
She probably got this just before filming Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot from Sylvester Stallone.

Doogie Howser Wanda licks ear
Now why did this show up as a search option. Oh yeah.

benny distefano married; benny distefano married to; benny distefano married?; benny distefano marries; benny distefano was he ever married?
These were five different searches. Someone (or five people) certainly care about the former Pittsburgh Pirate’s social life.

Hartsfield dildos
I haven’t been at the Atlanta airport lately, so this must be a new store that opened recently.

Freddie Prinze Jr torn rotator cuff
He was such a good pitcher in Summer Catch, so maybe this injury is why he never made the majors.

olay olay olay song opera
They have to use vuvuzelas as the instruments, right?

olimpian lilu gymnast
Not only is LiLu hopefully going to be the first MTV TJ (vote for her here), she could also be an Olympian gymnast.

Chukky Okobi speedo
The former Steelers’ offensive lineman retired a few years ago, so maybe he now has his own Speedo swimsuit line.

Who knows a guy named Sean?
I do! I do!

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