Tuesday, September 02, 2008

CVS Coupons

During my recent visit to CVS Pharmacy, I noticed that they have this new little scanner where you can check the prices of your items and scan your ExtraCare rewards card for a coupon. Free coupons...cool! I figured that this was something that I must try. So I scanned my ExtraCare card and received the following coupon:

MR SEAN RAMBLINGS (My complete name - not Ramblings - was printed on the coupon.)

Save $1 on CVS Brand Tampons, 36ct or larger (Up to $1.00 value)

Um, thanks.

Stay tuned for something really big later this week!


Anonymous said...

Nice. At least it was for the jumbo package, so you wouldn't have to go back for more anytime soon!

Sean said...

Is a 36ct considered a jumbo package? I guess I should know these things!

Anonymous said...

I think there are bigger quantities. Whenever poor Rob finds tampons on his shopping list, that's what he does - he goes for the larger quantities so that he will not have to repeat it anytime soon! : )

Judo_ric said...

really big later this week huh? lol should have put a "BIG" in caps! haha

Daisy said...

Sean, check out the picture of my "stockpile" from CVS on my blog (I'll do an update just for you)....I could show you what you can do with that little red card!