Saturday, June 30, 2007

Big Week for Sean’s Ramblings

Thanks to DC Blogs and Deadspin, there were more visits to this site in the past 2.5 days than there usually are in an entire month.

On Thursday, DC Blogs linked to my bus story by writing “Harry Potter book interrupted by the sight of finger nail cutting woman. Metro bus story at Sean’s Ramblings.” Technically, the nail cutting incident took place on a Fairfax Connector bus, but that’s irrelevant.

On Friday, Deadspin linked to my recap of the Argentina-U.S. soccer match. As a comparison of how much Deadspin has grown, they linked to a post I wrote about Ben Roethlisberger attending a Penguins game in January 2006. On that day, I received 78 visits, a personal record at the time for most hits in a day. Yesterday, I received an incredible 848 visits, primarily from Deadspin readers.

The total number of visits on Thursday through 10:30am on Saturday = 1036! So thanks again to DC Blogs and Deadspin, and if you have not already visited these sites, I hope that you do (often).

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

god damn, that's a lot of hits. i think i have two all year.

Sean said...

Jason, I think I've visited your site at least four times this year! :)

I have received a ton of hits just because of one post about soccer, specifically about Copa America. I'm now getting visits from people searching on Google for Copa America from all over the world: Barbados, Maldives, Ireland, UK, Australia, Taiwan, Spain and Malaysia, Denmark, Israel and Morocco.

I'm sure they have all been disappointed by my soccer coverage!

Rinsem's Rink said...

Congrats Sean! Your blog is great and I enjoy coming here every day for your new content. It's nice to see that new people have found you and here's to retaining some of them as regulars. Keep up the good work!

Sean said...

Thanks Rinsem. I think everyone is looking for Copa America information, so I doubt they will be back. Although why wouldn't you return just to see more tie discussion between Bush and Putin! :)