Monday, June 25, 2007

Video Game Addiction

Brian Williams: Are you or your children addicted to video games? We’ll have that story coming up after this break. (This was paraphrased from Monday’s NBC Nightly News.)

Me: “I’m going to play Xbox.” (And I did.)

If you’re interested, here’s the NBC News video that I didn’t actually watch on TV.


Anonymous said...

HAHA! That is hysterical. I too love my 360 dearly... and it hasn't frozen yet, so I'm keep my fingers crossed. Anyway, I was gonna tell you, whenever you post a new story on here, go over to and post a link to your article, and hopefully help give you a little extra traffic on your blog.

Rinsem's Rink said...

So I was going to read this post... but I'm too busy trying to level up.