Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pittsburgh Sports News

I have not written much about sports lately, so I thought I would share a few items from the past few days.

First, Ron Cook writes about the possibility of Bill Cowher becoming the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Just for the record, I already predicted this in January.

The new Pittsburgh sports blog, Doubt About It, has an excellent contest where you can pick the worst Pirates team from the past fifteen years. You can vote for luminaries such as Randall Simon, Chad Hermansen, Keith Osik and Kevin Polcovich. There are some very difficult choices. By the way, the current Pirates have now lost five games in a row and are 13 games below .500.

Finally, it was a great weekend for the Penguins. First, they re-signed Gary Roberts and Mark Recchi, then, they drafted Angelo Esposito with the #20 pick, a player who would have been #1 overall pick if the draft was six months ago. Of course, very few people outside of Canada, Buffalo, Detroit, Pittsburgh and possibly 20,000 people in Anaheim care about the NHL.

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