Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Spam Text Message

Now this makes me mad. I received the following text message on my cell phone:

From (big savings) over 83% all software (Windows V.ista) only $49.95 visit:

There are now spam text messages! I do not send text messages and rarely (possibly twice a year) receive text messages as it is not part of my cell phone plan. I believe I am charged 10 cents per text message, but cost is not an issue here. I’m just not a fan of text messaging. It is difficult to type and since I have no cell phone reception at home, my cell phone is generally off. If you want to reach me quickly, text messaging is not the way to do it. So when I saw that I had a text message, I was a bit surprised. Then, the surprise turned into a bit of anger when I read the message above. How did “swan” get my cell phone number? Is there a way to block this? Has anyone else received spam text messages?

Of course, even though text messaging is not for me, one of my favorite current commercials features the line “IDK, my BFF Jill.”


Paul said...

I'm with you on the Text Message thing. I hate it. I don't know how people manage to do it so much. Even my Dad, who is 67 does it all the time!

Anonymous said...

I too, got an annoying spam text on my cell. That's how I found this website, trying to figure out who's responsible to ask them to quit. I'm registered on the "Do Not Call" list for my cell phone, but I get some anyway. I suppose if they text, it may not count as a 'call'. Jerks.

Anonymous said...

Those bastards!

Did you register your phone number in aol by any chance?

Anonymous said...

This I had never heard of before today. I text my husband and close friends and that's it. This morning I awoke to find a message, and opened it to discover something from "" and a message about penny stocks that was sent at 4 in the morning! Makes me sick. I have complained to T-Mobile (who are so wonderful, they just deserve tons of accolades for all their help), and filed a complaint with the FCC by emailing I wish everyone well as we battle this new element of people really sucking.