Monday, July 02, 2007

Tie Talk with George and Vladimir

The following were the top stories on Yahoo News today as of 12:42 p.m. EDT
- U.K. arrests Iraqi, Jordanian doctors in bomb probe
- Suicide bombing kills eight at popular Yemen tourist site
- Bush and Putin meet to discuss ties
- Utah calls in National Guard for fast-moving fire
- Shares of Trump's company plummet on failure to sell
- Massive flower in Washington attracts crowd despite odor
- Kerouac fans stage marathon reading of 'On the Road'

So I wonder what Bush and Putin discussed. Did they talk about the pros and cons of the bow tie? Whether they prefer the four-in-hand knot, Windsor knot, or even (dare I write) clip-on ties?

Maybe I’m completely wrong, and they talked about how regular season hockey games end in the NHL verses those in the Russian Super League.

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kev859 said...

I couldn't begin to imagine what they would have to talk about, the pros and cons of the bow tie vs. the neck would be a good one, if you had someone to do it with.