Monday, June 11, 2007

Impossible Undertaking

Inspired by something that Dan wrote several months ago, I decided that I would read all six Harry Potter books before the final installment, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, arrives on July 21. I started today. After going through my morning routine that is the Express, I completed a total of 54 pages on the bus and Metro. At this pace, I think it is unlikely that I’ll finish the first six books. Books four (Goblet of Fire) and six (Half-Blood Prince) are my favorite, so I’d like to re-read those. I think I have to read the fifth book (Order of the Phoenix) if I’m reading four and six. Plus, I should read the third book (Prisoner of Azkaban) since that seems to be the favorite book of many people I know. Is there anyway to cut corners here? I guess I could watch a couple of the movies to help get through things a little quicker, but I'd feel like I'm cheating.


Anonymous said...

You could always quit your job to become a full-time book critic. That would enable you to read all the Harry Potter books.

Sean said...

I guess that's one way to do it.

Gobo said...

I'm doing this as well, except I started about a month ago. I'm about 3/4 of the way through book 4 now, and I'm trying to pace myself at roughly 50 pages a day to finish up right in time for book 7.

As for cutting corners, I don't know. Book 2 is might least favorite, and I agree with the others about book 3 being a favorite, although you can probably skim most of the first part without missing any clues, and just really read the end (from the point in which they all go into the Shrieking Shack). I know you said book 4 is a favorite, but that's probably another one where you can skim most of it if you're looking for clues and plot points relative to the ending. Most of it is just fun action sequences.

2 (although it's my least favorite), the end of 4 (graveyard and on), 5 and 6 probably contain the most clues.

Dan said...

Yeah, I have failed miserably at this so far. I read #1 in short order. Then no more. Though this past weekend I read the first 100 pages of #5.

I think there is no question that I will have to re-read #6. So hopefully I'll have time to finish #5 before the mandated "must start #6" time arrives. And that'll have to do.

Blackspots said...

Hey! I was inspired by your post and just finished re-reading all six books (to the neglect of all work and magazine reading.) Four and five are still my favorites. I'd like five better if Harry wasn't such a little snit for most of it. So, who is RAB anyway???? I did a google search on that question and the wikipedia page that came up was fairly enlightening. It actually made me even more excited for book seven!!!