Tuesday, June 19, 2007


In response to my list of the greatest Icelandic bands, I received an e-mail from Wim Van Hooste, who seems to be an aficionado of Icelandic music. According to Wim, Dr. Gunni (everyone knows Dr. Gunni, right?) wrote a book & made a list of the 100 best Icelandic albums. Here is the top 5:

1. Sigur Ros
2. Björk
3. Megas & Spilverk Thjodanna
4. Studmenn
5. Trubrot

I correctly chose one of the top five!


I also received an e-mail from Brian Shactman of CNBC, who is interested in doing a story on slug commuting, and specifically, to find out if it exists outside of the Washington DC area. Brian wrote that he has seen references to it in Pittsburgh and San Francisco, but is looking for more information. If anyone has any suggestions of how he can find out more, please leave a comment.


I have finished re-reading the first Harry Potter book (Sorcerer's Stone) and watching the second Harry Potter movie (Chamber of Secrets). My plan is to rent the third movie (Prisoner of Azkaban) and then re-read the next three books before the seventh book is released next month. I promise to share my Harry Potter theories in the next few weeks.


Anonymous said...

what the hee-haw is slug commuting? walking?

Sean said...

Slug commuting as defined by http://www.slug-lines.com is a term used to describe a unique form of commuting found in the Washington, DC area sometimes referred to as "Instant Carpooling" or "Casual Carpooling". It's unique because people commuting into the city stop to pickup other passengers even though they are total strangers! However, slugging is a very organized system with its own set of rules, proper etiquette, and specific pickup and drop-off locations. It has thousands of vehicles at its disposal, moves thousands of commuters daily, and the best part, it’s FREE! Not only is it free, but it gets people to and from work faster than the typical bus, metro, or train.

I have picked up random people at my bus stop a few times so that I could access the HOV lanes, and then dropped them off at a Metro station much closer to DC.