Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Greatest Icelandic Musicians

Last December, I ranked the greatest Canadian musicians of all-time. It was a fun activity, and I received some good comments, although most of them were about Nickelback. Anyway, after reading that Björk is releasing a new album, I decided to bring back the idea. Today, I rank the greatest musicians ever to come from Iceland.

1. Björk
2. the Sugarcubes (Björk’s band before she went solo)
3. Tie between everyone on The Icelandic Music Page.

I would love to come up with more, but I only knew Björk and had to look up the Sugarcubes. Are there any performers or groups that I’m missing?

In case you were wondering, no Icelandic musicians made the Final Four of Band Madness. It’s David Bowie vs. The Beatles and Led Zeppelin vs. Pink Floyd.


Nick said...

Some that have released records on US labels:

Sigor Ros

Nothing beats Bjork, but Sigor Ros sells out every time they play DC.

Sean said...

Thanks Nick. I think I've seen the name Sigor Ros before, but I wouldn't know any of these bands if they showed up at my house and played their most popular songs.

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God. Sigur Rós's latest album, "Takk..." was the best thing that ever happened to me. i dont think you can even describe how profound and beautiful this group really is. PLEASE. check them out for your own sake.