Monday, May 14, 2007


I am writing about another contest in which I would like you to vote, but I’m in a bit of a quandary. First, the contest is Diamonds in the Rough by Briggs & Stratton where one youth baseball/softball player will win $10,000 and a clinic hosted by Tino Martinez. Twelve winners (now finalists) have been selected from eligible entries based on creativity, description of a mentor and a specific “Power Within” example. There are some pretty cool essays written by these kids.

Here’s the dilemma. Of the probably hundreds if not thousands of entrants, I have received e-mails to vote for two of them. Taylor T. of the Atlanta area is a student of long-time reader Christine. Ellen M. from Pittsburgh is a former student of a friend I have known since my chickenpox days.

The rules state that there is only one vote per e-mail address. I have voted once for Taylor and once for Ellen using different e-mail addresses. Instead of asking you to vote for one specific person, vote for two!


Christine said...

That is an amazing and bizarre coincidence - thanks for submitting both!

Sean said...

No problem. Maybe both of them can win!