Tuesday, May 01, 2007

31-Cent Ice Cream and More

Since I missed Ben & Jerry’s free scoop day a few weeks ago, I wanted to let everyone know that tomorrow (Wednesday, May 2) is 31-cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins. The 31-cent scoop night runs from 5-10pm in honor of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. Through this promotion, I also learned about and signed up for Baskin-Robbins’ birthday club. Later this month, I’ll get a free scoop of ice cream just for being born!

Now I’m curious about other places that give away free birthday food, so here’s what I’ve found thus far:

Red Robin – Free Burger – I cannot remember if the free burger is only if another burger is purchased; I’ll find out when I receive the e-mail later this week. (Join the Red Robin eClub.)

Austin Grill – Complimentary Entrée – Again, I cannot remember if the entrée is only if another entrée is purchased. (Sign-up for the Austin Grill Eclub)

Silver Diner – Complimentary Entrée and a Piece of Birthday Cake (you need to sign up for the Blue Plate Card at the restaurant).

Please leave any other suggestions for restaurants (preferably in the Washington DC area) that have free birthday meals in the comments section. Thanks!

This is another example of using my blog for good instead of evil!


Amy said...

You can get a free burrito from Moe's Southwest Grill in honor of your birthday - http://www.moes.com/newsletter.aspx.

Arjewtino said...

I like it when you use your blog for evil. Like rooting for the Penguins. Pure evil.

Sean said...

Rooting for the Penguins is not evil, although Capitals fans may disagree.

This is an example of me being evil:

Sean said...

Amy - Thanks for the suggestion. I have never heard of Moe's but there are a few in Northern Virginia and one in DC. I may have to try one to celebrate my birthday!