Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Rinsem’s Rink has recently started to participate in PayPerPost, which is exactly as it sounds. You get paid for blogging about “web sites, products, services, and companies and earn cash for providing your opinion and valuable feedback to advertisers.” I was and am intrigued by this so I asked Rinsem for more information. So far, he has written three posts which totaled $25. I’m curious if anyone else out there has tried PayPerPost, and if so, what do you think? I don’t want to sell out, but I’m not sure that I’m currently really selling in. If I wrote about these products and services, would you be less inclined to visit this site? Any advice is appreciated.


Beakerz said...

hey, let me know if this thing works. when i get back to dc next week, i'll have to link it up =)

your blog too ;)

Sean said...

Thanks. I'm still not sure whether or not I'm going to try it. I'll keep everyone posted.