Sunday, May 06, 2007

Adventures in San Francisco

I haven't had an opportunity to write since I arrived in San Francisco, so I thought I would share a quick story from the trip. After an excellent dinner at The Stinking Rose the other night, we decided to walk up Lombard Street, which is famous for its steepness and twists and turns. This is nothing too unusual or out of the ordinary. After reaching the top of the hill and beginning to walk back to the hotel, I ran into a problem...I really needed to use a bathroom. Unfortunately, the area was mostly residential and the only open businesses were laundromats without restrooms. Amazingly, after a few blocks, there was a port-a-john on a side street. My prayers had been answered! Another problem, the port-a-john was locked. I've never seen a locked port-a-john before, although I found two more over the next few blocks. Finally, after strongly considering relieving myself on a side street and risking arrest and embarrassment, I found a coffee shop that was nice enough to let me use their bathroom as they were closing for the night. I found a website for Cafe Nook (apparently not named for Washington Nationals Outfielder Nook Logan), so here's some free advertising in exchange for their generosity.


Kris said...

Lombard is very interesting street to walk up! I was in SF 2 years ago for work conference and tried to see as much as I could while I was there. Lombard St. , Coit Tower (awesome views) , City Lights bookstore, Haight/Ashbury, and both the Chinatown and Japantown areas were some of my favorites. I stayed down on the Wharf (tourist central) but tried to get around to some of the cool spots. Hope you have an enjoyable trip.

Sean said...

Thanks Kris. San Francisco is a great city and I'm glad to have seen as much as I did in such a short amount of time.