Friday, May 11, 2007

Chess Fight

Maybe you’ve heard about the fight that broke out at the Boston Pops’ opening night concert. For some reason, this story reminded me of a fight that took place at my junior high chess tournament. When I was in eighth grade, I participated in a chess tournament with about a dozen other schools in the area. I don’t remember how it started or what it was about (probably someone touched a piece without moving it, which is a no-no in a chess tournament), but Aaron G. and a kid from another school started to get in an argument. (The argument took place during a break so my touching theory is likely wrong.) Aaron was a cool guy. He also had a bit of a temper and seemed to be in detention or in-school-suspension a lot, sometimes for fighting.

Anyway, perhaps inspired by the chess fight that took place in a “Family Ties” episode or just being a 13 year-old, I helped escalate the situation. Aaron and the other kid starting trading insults. Nothing major, but I thought I would “help” the situation by throwing in “Oooooooooh; you’re going to let him say that!” By continuing to say things like that, Aaron and the other kid couldn’t back down. They probably didn’t want to fight – well at least the other guy didn’t – but they had no choice. Pushing ensued and a punch or two may have been thrown before a few teachers broke up the fight. The moral of the story: I was a really good chess player.

P.S. There is no truth to the rumor that the World Chess Boxing Organisation started based on the aforementioned chess tournament incident.


Roger Coathup said...

English chess Grandmaster Danny Gormally started a fight last year... he punched the world number 3 (Lev Aronian) for dancing with a hot Australian chess chick at a party. Danny in his defence had been emailing the girl for nearly a year and "had fallen in love".

Andy said...

It seems to me that, generally speaking, most chess Grandmasters are clinically insane (Bobby Fischer, anyone?).