Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Favorite Unpopular Posts

The idea of this is to share past posts that I thought were good, but did not seem to take off. I was tagged by Rinsem’s Rink, who I have linked to several times over the past few months. So here are seven posts from the past year or so that I feel deserve a second chance.

When Did Pittsburgh Become a Country Town?
Self-explanatory (or maybe not).

The Greatest Icelandic Musicians
To be honest, I was hoping that Icelandair would see this post and fly me to Iceland to prove that there are many great Icelandic bands. Maybe that will happen now!

Guilty Pleasures
No one seemed to make fun of the fact that I like VH1 reality shows, Hilary Duff, Neil Diamond, Eddie Money and the Spice Girls.

Do I Need to Turn in My Man Card?
I admitted that I worked out to Leslie Sansone DVDs.

You 1988 Pittsburgh Pirates
The days when there was true hope that the Pirates could be good

Toilet Talk
Toilet technology is not where it should be in this country.

Cleaning House
Found newspaper articles

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Rinsem's Rink said...

Very cool - I'm a big fan of this idea as it gives new readers a chance to catch up on your ideas and opinions!