Thursday, May 03, 2007

Five Questions

Morag "interviewed" me by sending the following questions:

Of all the places you have lived in your life, which one was your favorite, and would you move back if you could?

This is a tough question since I’ve really enjoyed everywhere that I lived. Therefore, I’m being upfront in that I’m partially avoiding the question. When I win the lottery, I’ll move to my winter house in San Diego and my summer home in Ithaca, New York. At times, Ithaca has a small town feel, yet it is a vibrant community due to Ithaca College and Cornell University. There is an outstanding arts community and numerous state parks, gorges and hiking trails. Ithaca has fabulous locally owned restaurants, Wegmans and the cost of living is exceptional. The only drawback is the winter weather, which is why I’m also choosing San Diego. I moved to San Diego after I graduated from college. There was a significant El Nino during my first winter, one of the worst winters any of the locals could remember. Coming from Pittsburgh and then Ithaca, rain and 50-degree days was the best winter weather ever. Besides the fantastic weather, the beach is not far from anything. Every time I return to San Diego, I always spend a few hours walking on the beach.

What's your dream vacation?

Of these five questions, this was the hardest for me to answer. I have no idea. I’ve been to most places I wanted to in the United States, so I guess it would be an international destination. I’d love to go to Australia, New Zealand, South America, Japan and basically most of Europe since I have never been to any of these places. There are more places in Canada I would like to explore. While not necessarily a dream vacation, in my lifetime, I would also like to visit many parts of the Middle East, although as an American, that may never happen. Cuba could certainly become a tourist destination in the next 25 years if not sooner.

What one thing would you do if you knew going in that you absolutely could not, would not fail?

This has to be something athletic. I have no interest in climbing Mount Everest, swimming the English Channel or running a marathon. Winning a Super Bowl would be nice, although I could only be a kicker. I’m also too short for the NBA. I think it would be playing a significant part of a World Cup victory. I’d be very happy scoring a goal or making a great pass to set up a goal.

What's aspect of your life is the most different now that you're married?

Stability. I’m not writing that I was unstable prior to marriage, but my life is much more stable now. I’m with someone who I can share my thoughts and hopes, loves me unconditionally and keeps me in check. There’s a lot of little things too. For example, when we’re apart, I stay up later at night and therefore, wake up later in the morning causing me to get to work late. That doesn’t happen when we’re together. Plus, I eat much better now that I’m married!

Are you internationally known?

Now, this question has to be a set-up. Everyone should know the answer. I’m not internationally known but I’m known to rock the microphone.


Gobo said...

Yeah, the last question was my idea.

Sean said...

Thanks. I love using that line at any opportunity.