Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Sorry for sounding like Jerry Seinfeld here, but what is up with this scarf? I have seen probably 20+ people, both men and women, wearing this scarf over the past few weeks. According to this website, it is a "Burberry Wool Brown Plaid Long Scarf" on sale for only $109. $109 for a scarf? I'm not a scarf person, so $109 seems extravagant. For all of these scarves out there, there must be a cheaper knock-off version.


Anonymous said...

This particular Burberry scarf has actually been popular for many years. I remember being in NYC for New Year's 2001/2002 and seeing lots of them on people, as well as many knockoffs being sold by street vendors. I still kind of want one although I would never ever wear one here at least (it's 80 degrees here today!).

Sean said...

Either DC is way behind the scarf fasion trends, or (more likely) the scarves have been around for some time, but I just noticed them recently.

Let me join most of the country in being jealous of your 80 degree weather. It is single digits or below zero in many, many places.

honeykbee said...

Yeah those badboys are everywhere. I think there's a dude with a folding table outside of union station who sells them for $5. This week, of course, they're $10.