Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pitt-Georgetown Notes

I could write about the specifics of today’s Pitt-Georgetown basketball game like how Pitt shot 31% (25% from three) and only 50% from the free throw line or how Georgetown forward Jeff Green played great the last few minutes. Instead, I feel like writing about the random things people could not see from watching the game on TV.

- I thought it was nice of the folks at the Verizon Center to show on the scoreboard the top five free throw shooters…for West Virginia.

- The scoreboard also showed Georgetown center Roy Hibbert as 7 feet 2 inches and weighing 178 pounds. There is no way someone who is 7’2” and playing Big East basketball is 178 pounds.

- The highlight of the day came during halftime. A doctor (at least I think he was a doctor) from Fairfax Hospital was part of a presentation about organ donations. At the end of his speech, he yelled GO PITT! The crowd was surprised because that really came out of no where. Naturally, the Pitt fans (including me) cheered. Moments later, when the doctor was coming off of the court, he got booed by the crowd, especially the Georgetown student section. How can you boo someone talking about organ donations? Well, I understand why. This guy must have been planning to say that for weeks if not months. He seemed to enjoy the booing too as he waved to the students on his way out.


Anonymous said...

Someone said he had kids on stage with him. How many kids were there on court?

Sean said...

Yes, there were probably about 10 kids who I believe received organ donations.