Wednesday, February 14, 2007


The Federal Government has a 2-hour delay, which means that my office also has a 2-hour delay. The buses are not running during the morning commute, so even if I wanted to go to work now, I could not. I guess I could drive but the local news continues to show roads covered by sleet and ice. Every school district and college in the DC metro area are also closed. Therefore, maybe it's a good idea to stay home a little longer.

I think I have a solution...I'm going to play Xbox!

8:15am update: Have you ever watched the TV series Coupling (the British version not the American version that lasted four episodes)? If so, you know that one of characters works in a local radio station as a traffic reporter, and is popular mainly due to her flirty nature and sexually explicit reports (this is a direct quote from Wikipedia). Does WJLA, Washington's ABC TV station, think that Lisa Baden is the equivalent of Jane? She is not. Baden is simply annoying. Just give us the traffic information and get the local news back to Alison Starling.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more re: Lisa Baden. I don't need the traffic reports badly enough to listen to her annoying chatter. What I find particularly bothersome is when she sings or lapses into different voices. Just give us the traffic report, please. If I want to be entertained, I'll listen to 98 Rock. She's not funny or amusing (as I'm sure she thinks she is). Her "personality" is not only a distraction, it makes me want to hit something with a baseball bat.

Anonymous said...

I agree...Lisa Baden is worthless as a traffic reporter in her current mindset. She seems like a bright lady, but her over-the-top annoying reporting style I find has no value. Singing, making stupid jokes...she comes across as if she is full of herself. I find that WTOP in general employs this style of reporting, the touchy-feely 'I'm your buddy' kind of reporting, instead of dryly (what's wrong with dry, anyway?) and thoroughly reporting the news. I have heard radio stations in New York and San Francisco that are sister stations of WTOP and the reporters at these stations sound much more professional.

Lisa Baden, in short, sucks.