Thursday, February 01, 2007

Do I Need To Turn in My Man Card?

When I went to my doctor's office last month, he suggested that I take Omega-3 Fatty Acid pills (I've talked about this before) and exercise to help my cholesterol. During the spring, summer and fall, I regularly play ultimate frisbee and referee soccer games. However, in the winter, I sit on the couch, watch TV and play Xbox. (Actually, I sit on the couch, watch TV and play Xbox all year, just a little more in the winter.) The only exercise I get is walking up Metro escalator steps…until now. I have started exercising to Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away The Pounds: Walk and Jog DVD. Except for the old guy in one of the other Walk Away the Pounds videos my wife has done, I think I’m the only guy to do this.

Here is the video’s description: "Boost that calorie burn with this 30-minute power workout that works in 2-minute intervals of light jogging to keep your metabolism humming. One of the fastest ways to turn your metabolism into a major fat-burner is to add short bursts of intensity or intervals to your workout." Now that sounds manly!

There may be two ways for me to keep my man card while still doing this exercise video.
1. Leslie Sansone is from New Castle, PA, so I’m helping the Western Pennsylvania economy.
2. Leslie Sansone is attractive. I can’t decide whether or not she is hot, but I feel like this is a small amount of consolation for feeling like an idiot while walking and jogging in my living room in front of the TV. More importantly, this may be the deciding factor in allowing me to keep my man card.


Anonymous said...


You know, popular former KDKA anchor Jennifer Antkowiak quit her TV job to go work for Sansone. I'm not sure exactly what she does for her company. I think TV/internet informercials or something.

Sean said...

Now that you mention it, I do remember hearing that she left to work for Sansone. Does that help my creditibility at all for doing the work-out DVD?

Rinsem's Rink said...

Um... yeah... this is not good... I'm not really sure what to say here... um... yeah...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sean. Your not the only man out there to do her dvd's. My husband who is a constable and has various health problems does it with me. It has brought his sugar levels down and really improved his overall energy levels. So please hold on to your man There are other men out there doing the walk at home dvds as well. Hope you feel better