Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl Notes

Congratulations to Tony Dungy and Bob Sanders. I am very happy for both of them. I’m guessing that Erie, Pennsylvania will not only have a Bob Sanders Day, but probably a Bob Sanders Month.

I personally thought that Colts running back Dominic Rhodes deserved the MVP award more than Peyton Manning. I think Manning won because he is Peyton Manning. I guess this means even more Peyton Manning commercials (including the one where he’s going to Disney World) over the next few months.

Prince has hundreds of songs, so why did he perform covers of other songs?

While it may have had no effect on the result of the game, why didn’t Chicago call a timeout at the end of the first half? The Colts had fourth and two at the Chicago 17 with just over 30 seconds left. Instead of calling a timeout to ensure that they would get the ball back to end the half, the Bears let the clock run down to two seconds when the Colts took a timeout. Vinatieri ended up missing the field goal and the half ended. If the Bears called a timeout, they would have had the ball with about 25 seconds left and two timeouts. Even if Vinatieri would have made the kick, the Colts would have had to kickoff, and as we saw, the Bears have Devin Hester returning kicks.


Archi said...

Actually, I just saw the Disney World commercial -- with Rhodes! I was very confused... did Peyton refuse to go or something??

Sean said...

Dan - I saw the commercial too with Rhodes and Tony Dungy. My guess is that Peyton Manning probably needed to get paid to be in the commercial or he has some type of agreement with one of his current companies where he can't promote Disney. My second guess is probably wrong since he does ESPN commercials.

OK, I have a third guess. Disney didn't want to have ANOTHER Peyton commercial.