Sunday, February 11, 2007

Grammy Awards Notes

I only started watching the Grammys at 10:00, so I have no comments from the first two hours. I just watched the Smokey Robinson/Lionel Richie/Chris Brown performance. Smokey sang “The Tracks of My Tears,” Lionel sang and played piano for his song (sorry, I don’t remember which song he performed) and Chris Brown danced for his song “Run It.” It was an exciting performance and Brown is an incredible dancer, but he barely sang his own song. Chris Brown may have a terrific career as a dancer or actor, but as a musician, he will never be in the same class as Smokey Robinson or Lionel Richie.

P.S. I have Mary J. Blige on my fantasy celebrity league team (more on this tomorrow), so I’m hoping that she has a big night. I did see that she has won at least one Grammy.

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