Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Go Dolphins?

I received this e-mail today, which is nice except for one problem, I'm not a Dolphins fan. Certainly I like the Dolphins more than other NFL teams since Jason Taylor went to my high school and Dan Marino is from Pittsburgh, but they are not targeting the right person. I will give the Dolphins credit...having your tickets delivered by a cheerleader or former player would be very cool. Although I'm not so sure that Kirby Dar Dar would be happy going to houses when no one is home. I wonder if this is what Oronde Gadsden is doing this these days.


Anonymous said...

Sean -

The mention of Oronde Gadgden had me rolling! Thanks for sending this along.


Anonymous said...

I think Bernie Parmalee actually drove a UPS delivery truck for a while. Maybe it's him.

Sean said...

I didn't know about the UPS job, but I also liked Bernie Parmalee, probably because he was the only professional athlete I knew named Bernie.

Anonymous said...

"only professional athlete I knew named Bernie"......

What about Steeler nemesis Bernie Kosar?


Gretzky linemate in LA, Bernie Nicholls?

Sean said...

I don't know how I forgot about Kosar or Nicholls. My apologies to both of them and to Bernard King if he ever decides to go by Bernie.

By the way, I'm not sure I would ever say Kosar was a Steeler nemesis. Good player but I always thought of Eric Metcalf as being more of a "nemesis."