Tuesday, July 18, 2006

New Referrals

Once again, I’m “borrowing” this idea from Sarah, who has a referral posting every Friday. These are real searches (usually from Yahoo or Google) that people used to find and visit this place:

ROGAN'S PIZZA ITHACA & Rogan’s Pizza and Subs (two separate searches)
Great pizza especially with blue cheese dressing. Even better at 1:00am. I still don’t understand why they closed. Rogan’s was a goldmine.

what happened to new york from flavor of love show on vh1
I can’t tell you, but Flavor of Love II is returning in August! There’s a good chance I’ll mention the show again (like in August)

troy-mcclure "Selma" tom-cruise katie holmes
Apparently, I was not the only person to see the connection

"for maximum value" diapers FMV
Yuck. You can buy 12 FMV hot dogs for 99 cents. I wouldn’t trust the quality of their diapers.

Dr. Scholl's Gellin Commercials
I’ve talked too much about this already.

zidane butt
I wrote about Zidane’s head butt in the World Cup final; not about anything else (besides his bald head).

sports illustrated posluszny spider
No idea.

McDonald's Breezewood PA
Breezewood: a traveler’s oasis! The McDonalds there had a renovation within the last year. It looks good but very busy July 4th weekend.

keith rural
Congratulations on his wedding to Nicole Kidman!

yao ming character in bourne supremacy with same as name as nba player
You mean that they’re not the same person?

"famous ithacans"
If you search this on Google, I’m the only result! I guess I'm the only famous ithacans!

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Anonymous said...

dammit, i was looking for famous ithacans and your site came up, what is up with that!?