Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Nothing To Write About

I've hit a rut. I want to post something insightful or thought-provoking (well, at least funny), but I've got nothing. There's nothing to write about for my usual subjects:

Pittsburgh Steelers - Training camp starts in just a few days. I really don't want to write about the rookies the Steelers have been signing.

TV - There is nothing on! I don't care about the most talented person or wannabe lead singer or comedian. The TV shows this summer seem worse than ever. At least Flavor of Love 2 will start next Sunday.

Pittsburgh Pirates - They keep losing. Maybe they can get some good prospects in trades.

Middle East (Israel/Lebanon & Iraq) - These are topics that I actually have something to say but it just depresses me. I heard today that the U.S. has been in Iraq longer than we were in World War II.

My job as a Soccer Referee - I haven't done any games since a June tournament and won't do any again until late August or Labor Day weekend.

The Metro - It's a little less crowded in the summer and I haven't had any problems lately.

I guess I could talk about my ultimate frisbee team, but I don't know if anyone would be interested. It's also too early to write about fantasy football.

I'm open to any suggestions about what I can write. Have any other bloggers out there had similar problems with having a guess I can call it writers block?


Anonymous said...

Watch the series "30 Days" on FX. Great thought-provoking show. Season 2 started tonight but I'm sure they'll re-run it during the week.

Nick said...

Aren't you watching Rock Star: Supernova this summer? It's sublimely awful!

Andy said...

Lisa and I kinda like America's Got Talent. We caught it by accident a few weeks ago and got hooked. There's something irreverent about it; it's like American Idol's manic and offbeat little brother.

Sean said...

1. 30 Days - It looks interesting but I never remember to turn on FX. What time and day is it on?

2. Rock Star: Supernova - This show really should be right up my alley. I loved Tommy Lee Goes to College and I'm a big Brooke Burke fan. I watched a few minutes and couldn't take it. I didn't like the female Russian (?) singer and the guy that was kissing up to the judges. That was it for me.

3. America's Got Talent - I like Regis so I'll give the show the benefit of the doubt. No, I take that back. I like seeing talent shows when I was at camp or in junior high. I'm not so interested now. I think it was the radio commercial about the rapping grandmother that made me decide NOT to watch it.

Anonymous said...

how about your thoughts on swimming? do you like indoor or outdoor pools? have you ever been to a wave pool? i'd be interested in your thoughts/memories regarding my swim career. anyway, i wrote a haiku about it:
brian stern swims fast
brian stern loves the breast stroke
brian stern makes love