Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Celebrating People Eating Hot Dogs

Just what the founders dreamed of when the United States was founded...competitive eaters having dozens of Nathan's hot dogs in Coney Island. I shared notes of last year's competition here. I'm guessing I could probably use these same comments this year. My prediction: Kobayashi wins again with Joey Chestnut finishing 2nd and Sonya Thomas in 3rd. Can I bet this as a trifecta somewhere?

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Sean said...

I actually picked the correct finish of Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. Way to go me!!

This is now going to be an annual "must watch" event. The commentary is hilarious, even though the announcers aren't trying to be funny. The contestants are also fun like 400-pound "Badlands" Booker standing next to a 130-pound 62-year-old guy.