Sunday, July 16, 2006

Serious for a Minute

I've been away from civilization the past 48 hours with no access to the outside world. I'm back now and have been trying to get caught up on the news. It seems like things are getting worse between Israel and Hezbollah. Several questions here (and feel free to provide comments):

What was Hezbollah trying to accomplish by its ambush of the Israeli soldiers in which they killed three soldiers and captured two others?

How does isolating the entire country of Lebanon by bombing the Beirut airport and major highways help Israel in getting the soldiers back?

There's a lot more to ask, but I'm tired and will try to catch up tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

All of Hezzbola base will belong to us!

Messiah said...

This may be an answer to your question #2, but I haven't seen this anywhere, and it may also be a question #3: Is Israel's attacking of Lebanon because of Hezbollah's actions exactly the same as us going after Afghanistan after 9/11? Or is it completely different because it's 5 soldiers dead/kidnapped vs. 3,000 civilians killed? Does the severity of an attack decide when you can retaliate against those who harbor terrorists?

Sean said...

Good questions Messiah. I think with this entire situation, we're finding more and more questions and no real answers (how's that for not being able to answer your questions).

My two cents is that Israel was attacked and retaliated. In response to the retaliation (and possibly as part of the initial attack), Hezbollah has fired scores of missiles into northern Israel. Now it's a vicious cycle. It seems simple enough: if Hezbollah gives back the soldiers and stops firing missiles, Israel will stop bombing Lebanon. Of course, Hezbollah won't go for that (cue Hall & Oates song).