Tuesday, July 25, 2006

How To Not Get Elected

David Dickerson is one of 18 Maryland candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for the Senate currently held by retiring Senator Paul Sarbanes. Dickerson is definitely going to be one of the 17 that loses.

First, according to Washington DC station WJLA, he is unemployed. How many unemployed Senate candidates have ever won?

(This is from the Baltimore Sun) Second, according to court documents, Dickerson's wife met Dickerson (who is currently 43) "in Latvia when she was 16, and they decided to "wait to pursue each other" until she turned 18. She told police that she married him in Latvia in June 2005 and came back with him to the United States in November, after she had become pregnant with their child, court records show." This doesn't seem like an electable person.

Now on to the serious stuff..."Dickerson was arrested Saturday and charged with second-degree rape, a fourth-degree sex offense, and second-degree assault, according to Baltimore County police and court records." I am not trying to make light of this at all. What is wrong with this guy? If this last paragraph is true, he should forgot about the Senate and start thinking about jail.

In his defense, Craig Kadish, Dickerson's attorney, said that Dickerson's wife is mentally ill and is "creating an entire story of things that never happened." OK then...so if the allegations are not true, the candidate will be known for having a "mentally ill" wife who he "met" when she was underage (and 24 years younger).

I guess this is a way to get name recognition?

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