Monday, July 31, 2006

Pirates Trades

At today's baseball trade deadline, the Pirates made four separate deals. I really don't have problems with any of the four trades individually. I even like Xavier Nady, formerly of the Mets. Maybe he and Jody Gerut can compete for an outfield spot next year or Nady is the Pirates new first baseman.

The big disappointment of the day for me was that the Pirates didn't get Ryan Shealy of the Rockies (now of Kansas City). The second biggest disappointment for me was that, excluding Nady, the Pirates traded 5 players and didn't get any position players, just pitchers. What the Pirates really needed was a power hitter who is major-league ready or a prospect in AA or AAA. Oh well.

Oh, my biggest fear of the day: Oliver Perez (who is only 24) will become an amazing pitcher again.


Nick said...

Oliver Perez won't even be a worthwhile pitcher unless he builds arm strength and puts some velocity back on to his fastball, his only accomplished pitch. Or adds another pitch to his repetoire. IMHO, the Pirates messed up by not recasting him in a 7th or 8th inning relief role. Xavier Nady was a reasonable return.

Also, fans are fooling themselves if they think the Pirates could've had Ryan Shealy without attaching someone like Paul Maholm to John Grabow. Even then, I'm not sure that would've matched KC's offer. It kills me that Shealy isn't in a Pirates uni right now, though.

Sean said...

Nick, I agree with you about what Perez needs to do. The issue with trading him is that he's only 24 and can still add arm strength or another pitch.

Upon second thought, the Pirates SHOULD have got more for Wilson. The problem is that everyone knew that the team was not going to keep him after this year and really wanted to deal him.

mondesishouse said...


Mondesi's official thoughts on the Pirates' dealings are now live! Sorry for the delay--big day today!