Sunday, January 15, 2006


Is it possible to be exhausted after watching a football game? After today, I'm going to say yes. The Steelers-Colts game today may have been the most stressful game I've ever watched. After Manning was sacked with about 1 minute left, there were high-fives and hugs all around; followed by the complete shock of the Bettis fumble and then jubilation when Vanderjagt missed the field goal.

I want to give credit to Merril Hoge and Joe Theismann for picking the Steelers to win. They were the only two of eight ESPN experts to predict the Steelers win. All six of the Sports Illustrated experts predicted a Colts win.

Since there were about a dozen of us Steelers fans at the bar, they were nice enough to dedicate one TV to the Pitt-Louisville game. Big win for Pitt. They should be ranked in the top 5 this week.

As I wrote earlier this morning, GO STEELERS & GO PITT!!

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Andy said...

After Pgh took possession at their own two-yard line, I picked up the phone to call my parents and celebrate. I then put the phone down in utter shock, and called after the game officially ended to make sure neither of them had had a heart attack.