Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Countdown Continues

That's right...Groundhog Day featuring Punxsutawney Phil is less than 36 hours away!! Oh, you thought I was going to talk about the Steelers. Give me a minute. First, the #1 team in the country UConn is playing the #9 team in the country the University of Pittsburgh. And I can't watch it at home. Instead, ESPN is showing Illinois-Wisconsin while ESPN2 is airing Florida-Mississippi.

On to today's Steelers links:

It's Michael Wilbon's turn to write that Detroit is pulling for the Steelers and that the Black and Gold is taking over Detroit.

Here's the Sean Morey story. Not only did he graduate from Brown and have side jobs in home construction and lobster fishing while trying to reach and stay in the NFL, but he was also told by Joe Paterno to give it up. Fortunately, he didn't listen to JoePa.

Finally, all of the attention has been on The Bus going home to Detroit. Larry Foote is also returning to his hometown. As an added bonus, here is a very nice article about Foote off the field.


Anonymous said...

You missed a good basketball game last night, even though Pitt didn't win, they put up a good fight til the end. Fox Sports Pittsburgh had the game....don't you miss Fox Sports?

Sean said...

I'm not sure I miss Fox Sports but I do miss being able to easily see Pitt, Pirates and Penguins games. I actually followed the Pitt-UConn game on CBS Sportsline, which showed play-by-play stats. Although it was current, it wasn't always accurate. For example, Carl Krauser made a lay-up even though he had 5 fouls. I ended up following the second half closer than the State of the Union.