Thursday, January 26, 2006

Roethlisberger Leads Penguins to Victory

The Penguins broke a 10-game losing streak by defeating the Washington Capitals last night 8-1. Yes, the team actually scored 8 goals and only gave up 1 goal. Although Big Ben didn't play, he sat in the owner's box as a guest of Mario Lemieux. Although I have no statistical evidence to support this, I'm going to say that the Penguins are undefeated this season in games where Roethlisberger is sitting next to Lemieux in the owner's box. I'm sure that most of the credit for the win will go to Sidney Crosby, John LeClair and Mark Recchi, but Ben may deserve just a little bit of the credit. If you want to see Ben waving to the crowd, check out the picture here.

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