Monday, January 30, 2006

Steelers' Anatomy

I've written this before, but Grey's Anatomy is my favorite show on TV these days. The preview for next week's episode, which will air after the Super Bowl looks great, although I have no idea what a "Code Black" means for a hospital. While I applaud ABC for showing Grey's Anatomy after the Super Bowl (a much better choice than Emily's Reasons Why Not), I don't know if I will watch it. If the Steelers win, I'll be celebrating and will be on the phone talking with friends and family for hours. If the Steelers lose, I will be extremely depressed and will have no interest in doing anything other than laying in bed in the fetal position. Another reason for me to get Tivo.


Andy said...

Good thing that with Lisa coming, you'll have a therapist in the house... but that's no matter, because the STEELERS ARE GOING TO WIN! YEAH BABY!

Sean said...

I certainly hope so. I feel like they should win, but I'm not getting my hopes up too high. If for some reason the Steelers lose, will my insurance cover the therapy session with Lisa? :)