Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Sarah already touched on some of this, but it was really sad watching Dick Clark last night on New Year's Rockin' Eve.

I am tired of the Elton John glasses with the year on it. I'm looking forward to 2010 when they will hopefully stop making them.

Hilary Duff looked scary thin last night. Hopefully her New Year's Resolution is to eat something.

I didn't realize that 2006 is the year of Tab.

It was nice to see The Bangles back. While Susanna Hoffs still looks good, the bass player just looked scary. (Yes, I know I just described two people as scary.)

Memo to Chris Brown, I think we all know that many artists lip-sync these days (or at least use back-up tracks), but at least pretend like you're trying to sing. By the way, maybe you should pick a different name. Chris Brown is somewhat plain for a musician. C. Brown or Usher Jr. would be fine.


Andy said...

Yeah, Dick Clark was pretty tragic, but on the plus side, props to him for being in great spirits and having the courage to do the telecast in spite of his condition. And for a 70-something old guy, he still looks damn good.

So glad you could come last night! See ya soon...

Sarah said...

What was UP with the TAB? There was a LOT of Tab drinking going on at those previously-recorded lameass parties.

And Hilary Duff is not only thin and scary, but mercy, could she have had MORE plastic surgery? Her eyes, cheeks, and nose are so different!

Sean said...

The consenses I've heard from family and friends was that it was good to see Dick Clark back (especially for his New Year's eve show), but that he probably should retire or just do his work behind-the-scenes.

Andy, thanks again for hosting us last night.