Monday, January 23, 2006

Non-Steelers Story

Don't worry; I'll write a lot more about the Steelers very soon.

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that I watched the series premiere of ABC's "Emily's Reasons Why Not" with Heather Graham. It was a terrible show, and I turned the channel after about 10 minutes. ABC agreed with my assessment and cancelled it after just the one show. ABC entertainment president Stephen McPherson said that the show "was not going to get better and we had to make a change." Ouch. What I find funny/scary is that ABC spent millions of dollars advertising and promoting the show before seeing a script! Next time, have someone read the script. If ABC wants to pay me to do it, I will.


Nick said...

Didn't ABS replace it with a Jenna Elfman vehicle that sounds like EXACTLY the same show?

Sean said...

It looked similar, but has a better name and Dabney Coleman. Of course I didn't watch it last night so I can't give a review yet.