Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sports Talk

There's a lot to talk about in my sports world, so here we go:

* Congrats to my grad school alma mater, The Ohio State University Buckeyes, on the impressive win against Notre Dame last night in the Fiesta Bowl.

* Congrats to one of my other favorite college athletics programs, West Virginia University (home of Mr. Pittsnogle) on the even more impressive victory over Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. Since the game was in Atlanta, WVU was essentially playing an away game. Although I was asleep at the time, what a gutsy call of a fake punt with less than 2 minutes to go.

* I wish I was kidding, but there are a good number of Redskins fans here in the Washington area who think the team is going to the Super Bowl. The reason: they beat Seattle (because the Seahawks kicker missed a field goal at the end of the game), Chicago and barely lost to Tampa Bay (the locals including Joe Gibbs blamed the refs for the loss).

* I saw a music video on ESPN2 the other day by the Cincinnati Bengals. It looked like Bootsy Collins was involved in the video/song, but he didn't seem like he knew how to play the guitar, so maybe it wasn't him. Anyway, the video got me pumped up. I can't wait until Sunday's game and I would love to see the Bengals lose. GO STEELERS!

* It appears that Jeromy Burnitz is going to be the new right-fielder for the Pirates. I don't like the deal. Why spend $6 million on a soon-to-be 37 year-old? I know that he hit 24 home runs and had 87 RBI last year, but he also batted .258 with 109 strikeouts. That is similar to what Craig Wilson (who is 7 years younger and $3 million cheaper) hit in 2004. There's more. In 2003-2005, Wilson hit .284 against left-handed pitchers. Why is that important? The Pirates also have Jody Gerut, who hit 22 home runs in 2003 for Cleveland, and hit .288 against right-handed pitchers in 2003-2005. Seems like a perfect platoon situation. The big assumption in my equation is that both Wilson and Gerut stay healthy.

* Oh yeah...Pitt is still undefeated!


Sean said...

Now that the Astros signed Preston Wilson to a 1-year deal for $4 million, I like the Burnitz signing even less.

Dan said...

One would have to assume that a) the Astros have pictures of Preston Wilson in a compromising position; and b) he didn't want to play for the Pirates. I think I did hear that we were pursuing him, so I doubt it was for lack of trying that we didn't get him.

As for Burnitz... if Littlefield doesn't spend that money, it goes into G. Ogden Nutting's pocket. Littlefield's a smart guy, and he know to spend what's being offered to him. And isn't Burnitz AND Wilson still better than Burnitz OR Wilson? Somethign will happen to someone, and we'll have at least a little depth we didn't have before. Burnitz has played center adequately as well.

Sean said...

I guess I understand that the Pirates have to spend money this year to show fans and free agents that the team is trying to get better. It just seems like there is someone better out there than Burnitz, but maybe not without having to make a trade.