Sunday, January 08, 2006

Survive and Advance

As everyone who is reading this knows by now, the Steelers defeated the Bengals 31-17 earlier this evening. I'm sure Bengals fans are going to say that the reason the team lost was because Carson Palmer got hurt very early in the game. There may be a little bit of truth to this, but I don't think so. Jon Kitna is a good quarterback (in 2003, he threw for 3600 yards and had 26 TDs) and played very well in the first half. Plus, as a Pittsburgh fan, I fear the back-up player or the guy no one expects to do well (see Drew Bledsoe in 2001 and, I hate even writing this, Francisco Cabrera in 1992). However the Steelers made a great adjustment in the second half. It seemed like they blitzed a lot less and put more players in coverage. Plus, the Bengals defense showed their true stripes. They are suspect to giving up points. You could tell that the Bengals gave up as soon Cedrick Wilson caught the TD pass.

One final note...I went to Wegmans after the game and saw four other shoppers wearing Steelers gear. GO STEELERS!


Messiah said...

Check out the left coulumn on the front page of the Post's sports section. Its blurb about the WVU upset over Villanova carries the one-word headline "Pittsnogle!".

Sean said...

I was never able to see the print version of the Post today. The online version headline was "Mountaineers Upset Villanova." Not quite as good.