Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Tale of Two Teams

Last night, I switched back and forth between OLN for the Penguins-Blues hockey game and ESPN2 which was showing highlights of 1995 AFC Championship game between the Steelers and Colts. The Penguins are just pathetic at this point and for some reason were on national TV on back-to-back nights. The only highlight was the great play of goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, but as I wrote a few weeks ago, it does not matter who the goalie is, the team is still going to lose.

The Steeler highlights were much better to watch. It was fun seeing former Colts QB Jim Harbaugh say that Greg Lloyd was the only player he was scared of. I didn't realize (or I must have forgot) that current Steeler Chris Gardocki and annoying announcer Tony Siragusa were both on the Colts. I also forgot how great Kordell Stewart was in the Slash role and that he caught a TD pass in the game. Stewart really could have had a nice career as a Wide Receiver. In a completely unrelated note, if anyone wants to buy my Kordell Stewart jersey for the holidays, please let me know!

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