Sunday, December 04, 2005

Frustrated Incorporated

I am using this post as therapy. It is probably better to share my feeling in writing than to keep them inside, so here I go. The Steelers did everything they could to lose the game against Cincinnati today. Three interceptions on poor decisions by Ben Roethlisberger, a lost fumble by Hines Ward, three fumbles (2 by Parker and 1 by Staley) that were lucky not to be recovered by the Bengals, penalties at bad times of the game and an awful performance by the defense who produced 0 turnovers, 1 sack, little pressure on Carson Palmer and allowed Rudi Johnson to have a big game. After losing three straight games to go to 7-5 overall, the playoffs look doubtful. The Bengals pretty much clinched the division today, so the Steelers are fighting with Jacksonville (9-3), Kansas City and San Diego for the two wild card spots. KC and San Diego have tough schedules the rest of the season but have also looked much better than the Steelers over the past few weeks.

To be positive, so I'll end with these two items. Thanks to Washington's CBS affiliate (WUSA) for showing the Steelers/Bengals game over the Ravens game. Second, it was nice to see the Nextel commercial with the two guys dancing to the Salt N Pepa song "Push It" again. Makes me smile every time I see or think about it.


Suzanne said...

I'll second that thanks to WUSA for airing the game. The Ravens are a waste of air time, imoho. From one who did not have a stake in the outcome, it was an entertaining game to watch.


Andy said...

Carson Palmer is my fantasy QB, so although I'm normally cheering for Pittsburgh, I am also quite pleased with the numbers that Palmer put up. But next week, as my Pgh bubbie would say, GO STILLERS!

Sean said...

Even though it is well established that I am addicted to fantasy sports, the one thing I hate is rooting against my team. I also had Palmer for one of my leagues, but I never cheered him. I have had days where my opponent has had Hines Ward where I cheer when he scores a TD and then in my head said damn.

My point is I will always take a Steelers win over a fantasy league win. Now the Pirates may be a different story.