Monday, December 26, 2005

Year in Review

The other night, I decided to click the "next blog" feature at the top right of the page to see what else was out there. I found this idea on one blog for a year in review to take the first line of the first entry of each month and post them in order to produce a random and (hopefully) interesting review of 2005. Here goes:

January: Over the past few months, I have had a lot of free time at work.

February: If you're reading this on February 2nd, Happy Groundhog Day!

March: It's nice to know that other people living in the DC area can make fun of people's reaction to (or threat of) snow.

April: I am leaving for Chicago today for my fantasy baseball league draft.

May: Congratulations to Sarah and Gobo on the impending arrival of their new blog, I mean baby. :)

June: Congrats to Ravens running back, Jamal Lewis on being released from jail today after serving four months for being a part of a drug deal.

July: Since I still haven't figured out how to fix the large gap between the headline and text, I'm probably going to change templates over the weekend.

August: At this time exactly one year ago, I was in the pool and hot tub at the Hilton Garden Inn in Southpointe/Pittsburgh, PA. And in less than three hours from this time one year ago today, I got married. :)

September: The pictures tonight of people dead or dying on the streets of New Orleans and thousands of people needing medical attention, food and water is awful to watch and is even more amazing to know that this is happening in this country.

October: Thank you ABC for showing the premier of Commander in Chief again since I missed it on Tuesday.

November: Trick: We didn't have any kids last night.
Treat: I guess that means candy for me and people at work.

December: I know it has been a week since Thanksgiving, but I wanted to share a story about the day. My primary contribution to helping with the Thanksgiving meal was to go to the store and buy the ingredients.

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Anonymous said...

well done sir.