Friday, December 23, 2005

The Washingtonienne: A Review

As promised, here you go. The Washingtonienne is about a small town girl trying to make it in the big city and wanting to help all Americans through her work on Capitol Hill. Maybe not. It's really about a woman who gets dumped by her fiancée in New York after cheating on him and comes to Washington where she sleeps with a Presidential appointee, a high-powered lawyer, two Hill staffers and a few other folks while working in a Senator's office. Oh my gosh, sex on Capitol Hill! I'm guessing that has never happened with any member of Congress or Presidents. What's more is that she shared her exploits in a blog, which was picked up and became big-time news, causing her to be fired. The book makes it sound like all of Washington was talking about it. I'll be honest that I live in the DC area, and I don't remember seeing anything about it or seeing her give TV interviews. The only time I heard about it was when I read an article in the Washington Post Magazine, probably several months after she was exposed. Here's the real shocking news of the book, she never slept with any Senators or Congressman!

While I'm not a therapist nor play one on the web, she has some issues with alcohol and drugs (this was mentioned by a real therapist in the book) and does not have a very supportive cohort of family of friends. All in all, I'm glad I checked it out of the library and I'm glad that I was able to return it. It was an interesting read, but certainly not worth $17 to buy it.

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