Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I'll Take Therapists for $100

Ladies and gentlemen, start your Tivos. JQ will be appearing on Jeopardy on Wednesday, so check your local listings.


JQ said...

I prefer Swords, but that's good too. Also, Alex pretended to be indignant about the Will Ferrell thing when some of the contestants mentioned the SNL skit during a break in the action.

Sean said...

I'm sure that he gets asked about the SNL skit constantly and is probably sick of it. I went to two Price is Right tapings a year apart and both times, Bob Barker was asked about Happy Gilmore. Barker seemed to be in good spirits about it, but probably thinks "Damn kids. I've been doing this show for 30 years and I'm going to be remembered for fighting Adam Sandler."