Saturday, December 24, 2005

(Mostly) A Good Day

Anytime the Steelers win, it's a good day. It's especially good when they beat Cleveland and win impressively. As much as I and almost all Steelers fans are critical of the Steelers, even in wins, the team played nearly perfectly today: 41 points scored, 0 points against, 8 sacks by the defense, big games for Hines, Big Ben & Fast Willie, the offensive line played great, a blocked punt and few penalties. Just as good for the Steelers is that Jacksonville won and the Chiefs beat the Chargers. Therefore, the playoff picture is very easy for the Steelers; if they win against Detroit next Sunday, they make the playoffs.

The only negative of today was that my fantasy football team lost in the championship game. My opponent got huge games from Larry Johnson, Frank Gore(!) and stupid Josh McCown (he's beat me in championship games in two of the last three years). Although I got a solid performance from Torry Holt and Carson Palmer, it wasn't enough (thank you Jerry Poter, Willis McGahee and Jason Witten).


Anonymous said...

Rob lost his fantasy football championship today also so we are feeling your pain out in Phoenix. Do you get any money/bragging rights for second place?

Sean said...

In this 14-team league, 25% goes to the team with the most points in the regular season and 75% goes to the winner of the championship. I finished 2nd in both which means "No Soup For Me."

Anonymous said...

i had a great time watching the game at my bar while buying drinks for a brown's fan who was up visiting nyc with his wife.