Thursday, September 22, 2005

Jury Duty?

I received in the mail and completed a Jury Questionnaire. The form says that I have been randomly selected as a prospective juror for the County's Circuit Court. While it's not a summons to appear, I don't remember ever receiving any type of questionnaire like this before. For the lawyers and non-lawyers out there, is this fairly common? Should I expect to be called to jury duty soon?


Messiah said...

What type of questions were on the questionnaire? Did they ask for your opinions or whether you had read news articles on certain topics, or were they asking your race and gender, or was it something else?

Andy said...

When I lived in Rockville, I got a general potential juror questionnaire. Within 3 months, I was called in for jury duty.

Sean said...

Besides general information (name, address, etc.), the questions included: Am I a U.S. citizen? Have I been a resident of VA for the past year? Have I been a juror in a circuit court within the last 3 years? Then, there was a list where I could check if I wished to claim an exemption.

Andy, I'll now expect to be called to jury duty in 2-3 months.