Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I Like Earl

I mentioned this in the comment section of my "Much to Discuss" entry of Tuesday night, but I feel like this deserves its own post. I was really impressed with the new TV show "My Name is Earl." All-around good show. It was funny and I liked the show's characters. I also enjoyed seeing Ethan Suplee in the show. While I didn't know his name until I looked it up, he is a recognizable and likable actor from great roles and performances in American History X, Remember the Titans and Boy Meets World (yes, I wrote Boy Meets World with Fred Savage's brother, Ben). I'm looking forward to the next episode.


Mr. Shife said...

It was a great show. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. I knew it was going to be funny but it won me over big time.

JQ said...

I liked the show as well, and it's weird to see Ethan look a lot older yet somewhat thinner than when I saw him in a couple of Kevin Smith films like "Chasing Amy" and "Mallrats" (where he had the best line of the movie -- "Brenda????").