Monday, September 12, 2005

Just Feel Like a Rant

I know I'm not going to get any sympathy from women with my rant since many women spend hundreds of dollars on all types of toiletries and cosmetics such lipstick, make-up and shampoo. I can get a monster bottle of Pert Plus from Costco for $5, but many women need special shampoo, conditioner and I'm sure there's more hair products. Anyway, my rant involves razors. I don't understand why they are so expensive. I bought a 5-pack of Gillette Sensor Excel razors the other day for $8.50. $8.50!!! I can get maybe three good shaves out of one razor and then two or three mediocre shaves after that. I've tried electric razors before, but it just does not give a close shave. Some razor company needs to design an inexpensive razor that does not get dull for at least a week. Does this exist?


Andy said...

That's how they get you man... if you're lucky you can get the razor practically for free, and then you gotta buy expensive blades for the rest of your life. I've used a Norelco (with its patented lift-and-rip(tm) system) for years, and think it does a fine enough job. You can also get better deals on razor blades at Costco, along with your $5 Pert bottle.

Anonymous said...

I am hooked on the Mach 3. It really is a better razor than anything else out there.

They're expensive as hell ($25-30 for a 12-pack), but I can get 10 shaves out of each blade.

Messiah said...

Yeah, I've basically given up on close shaves. Jen bought me an electric razor (the Braun one that cleans itself) about two years ago, and it's not bad (for an electric). You get a close shave (reminiscent of a Gillette Sensor Excel) on Mondays if you haven't shaved during the weekend. But your cost allays are not a one-time deal with the electric. You still have to pay for the cleaner fluid ($10 every month or two) and every year you need to buy a new shaving foil (about $30). Cheaper than blades, but still not free.

Sean said...

Is Mach 3 really that much better than the Sensor Excel?

I may try going back to an electric razor. I figure it would save me a few minutes each morning.

Maybe I'll just grow a beard and not worry as much about razors.